TF2 “Jungle Inferno” Update Released

The new Team Fortress 2 update has finally arrived, not too long after the 10 year anniversary of the game we've been blessed with the "Jungle Inferno" update. Similar to previous event/updates such as "Love and War" and "End of the Line", "Jungle Inferno" has given us the addition of new maps, both community and developer... Continue Reading →


Awesome Star Wars 8 Trailer Released

The first full trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been released last night. It's totally awesome and really gets me hyped for the new movie. It shows epic lightsaber battles, mass destruction, and teases some really interesting character arcs! Plus, we get our first real look at Snoke! I won't spoil too much... Continue Reading →

Mind Games: Why We Play

Discordia's Note: "Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to the newest member of the G33k P0p Team, our wonderful new games writer RyanH!" At face value, the appeal of gaming is clear. Giving an accessible way to step into the shoes of any person or situation imaginable, and the choice to bring friends... Continue Reading →

‘The Runaways’ First Trailer Released

A teaser for the upcoming Marvel/Hulu adaptation of the award-winning Runaways comics has been released at NYCC. The series follows a group of teens who discover their parents are in a cult, and that they (the teens) have superpowers. The original comics released in 2003, created by legendary comics writer Brian K Vaughn (Saga, Paper Girls). It... Continue Reading →

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