Game Review: Destiny

< -PLEASE NOTE- This is a review of the game as of 28/7/2015. A lot of the issues I have with the game may have been fixed or changed after this review has been written, I will update this review if their is any major changes > destiny-logo Destiny is a MMOFPS available to only console gamers made by Bungie and published by Activision.

Story This game hasn’t got an amazing story, the line “I’ll explain later” seems to be said way too often, or at least it feels like it does. this world is rich with lore and story but it barley shows any of it too you in-game, a lot of it is hidden in unlock-able “Grimore cards” that are on Bungie’s website. And the characters are pretty emotionless in-game too; also walking round with a floating robot… thing talking about what’s going on doesn’t help. The story is told through missions, most of them are similar, just looking different and just give hints to a story rather than actually giving it to you. It feels repetitive, emotionless and just plain boring at times. to sum up: The story isn’t that good.

Gameplay This game has good gameplay. As long as your not in the Crucible (AKA – Competitive multiplayer) you won’t have much to be frustrated at. The gun-play is spot on, each gun feels different and has its own uses and each of them feel like they should, nothing feels like it needs more at all… Apart from auto rifles. They don’t do damage, and if they do, there is 100 guns better than it. Other than that guns feel and play good without being too powerful (other than Gjallarhorn) or just plain terrible (other than auto rifles). In terms of activities in base Destiny, you won’t have much to do other than some weekly events and one raid, but with the two DLC’s “The Dark Below” and “House of wolves” there is so many activities to choose from, you could only really get all of them done in a week if you played the game 24/7. Each week their are many activities to try (after you have completed the story), they are a good challenge and are pretty fun most of the time, the only thing is… You NEED other people, most events are insanely difficult solo or not even possible solo and most events don’t have matchmaking, this is where LFG (Looking for group) sites are a big hand, if you don’t have friends, or none of them are available LFG sites are a saving grace. Its a shame you can’t do this in-game but I don’t see how it would be done in-game. The difficulty of these events is pretty high as well so being put in with randoms would be more harm than good, especially without voice communication. A lot of events do need voice communication to be completed on the normal level of play so it can be annoying sometimes to have to play with people without mics. In short, The gameplay is great, but the endgame could be too hardcore for casual players.

Community The community is good most of the time, but when its bad its BAD. there is a constant wave of people streaming the game with the community in mind, just to name a few KingGothalion, ProfessorBroman, TripleWRECK, MsteemKK, leahloveschief and many more are some of the best streamers around in the Destiny community, in terms of places like Reddit, it can get INSANELY toxic but other than that its a place of creativity and ideas. On the Bungie forums… We don’t speak about the Bungie forums. in-game its kind of in the middle, at least in the UK, some people are nice to play with, some people are shouting down their mics about how terrible everyone and everything is. Most of the time it’s great but sometimes its just terrible.

Conclusion Destiny is one of the most fun games I’ve ever played but its not without its fair share of problems, if you don’t have DLC its only worth a week of your time. PVP is such a mess I don’t know what to think of it and the game gets repetitive after a while but I still love it. my score of Destiny is a 7/10… But with DLC its a solid 8/10.


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