Top 3 Cats in Comic Books


So this week on G33k we have decided for all three of our editors to write a special cat themed article about our respective fields. Mine is comic books. So here is my countdown of the 3 cats in comic books. This list excludes any humanoid cats/cat people/people who dress like cats/Halle Berry. This really should be a longer list but there aren’t that many cats in comics.

#3: Hairball/Niels

A member of one of Marvel’s less well known teams The Pet Avengers, Niels began his super-feline career as the pet of Speedball in 1988’s Speedball #1. After a lab accident led to “energy bubbles” reacting with Niels and his master Robbie Baldwin giving the pair kinetic powers. Robbie used his powers to become the hero Speedball and his cat was frequently the target of villains trying to steal his powers. After a tragic incident left Speedball with no memory he used Niels as a therapy animal, this was until SHIELD managed to get their hands on the cat. They ran experiments on the animal and decided it was too dangerous to live and prepared to kill it, this was until Jimmy Hammond adopted the animal after feeling sorry for it.

#2: Chewie


First appearing in 2006’s Giant-Size Ms Marvel #1, Chewie is Carol Danvers’ loyal pet. She mainly appeared in the background of scenes until Carol under the identity of Captain Marvel took the cat with her on a trip to space. She ended up meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy who identified her pet as a Flerken, a dangerous species identical to cats. A few weeks later Danvers returned to her space ship to discover that Chewie had layed 117 eggs, after Captain Marvel and Rocket (Guardians of the Galaxy) protected Chewie from an alien horde they decided to take the “cat” and her offspring to a rescue centre. However Chewie managed to sneak back onto Captain Marvel’s ship at the last moment.

#1: Streaky The Super Cat


Supergirl’s heroic pet is by far the oldest and possibly the most notable cat on this list. First appearing in Action Comics #261 from way back in February 1960, this kitty was given her powers after Supergirl was experimenting on kryptonite to try and neutralize its deadly effects. After her experiment failed she carelessly tossed the green gem from her window where it was found by her pet cat, the animal soon gained powers including: flight, super strength, heat vision and more! Sadly in Superman #233 all of the kryptonite on earth was transformed into steel, thus destroying the source of Streaky’s power returning her to the life of a normal cat.

For more cat themed awesomeness SaltTheSalty will be counting down the top 5 cats in gaming and Teacupology will be reviewing the awesome Neko Girls soon!

Keep it G33k!


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