The Art of Speedrunning

Speedrunning is completing a game as fast as possible, sometimes getting everything in the game along away. Speedruns are some of my favourite things to watch, watching someone break a game so much just to get a really fast time astonishes me. For example, in a Yoshi’s island Any% (just finish the game) speedrun, I saw the person running the game eat a LEVEL, an entire level, just for so he could have the most optimal time, if he did something wrong the game would be corrupt and he would have to start over from the beginning. it was an exhilarating moment to watch, like watching someone pull off a clutch 5v1 in Counter Strike.

I’ve done a few “Speedruns” but to be honest they are more like time-trials than full speedruns. I did wasteland runs in Nuclear Throne (basically just the first zone) my best time was 1 minute, 9 seconds. I don’t know if it was a good time, because I don’t know anyone who runs that zone specifically, but getting that time was great fun.

When you see someone get a new PB (Personal Best) it doesn’t matter what they are playing, you will feel happy for them. That’s another great thing about speedrunning, its got a great, positive community, no matter how big or small the community is. Its because its not about getting a better time than the rest, its about working together, to find the fastest way to get to the end of the run. people go searching for bugs and glitches that could speed up the run and when they find them they tell everyone else so they can use it to make a better route through the game. Its a great community whatever game you decide to play.

So as I’m writing this article, I’m watching SGDQ (Summer Games Done Quick) This event is when they speedrun a variety of games for charity. Its a massive gathering of all speedrunners from any game. Its a fun, community event which is always fun to watch. I would recommend watching SGDQ on twitch and just getting really involved, if its not your thing then okay, speedruns aren’t for everyone, but I love them, and I know a lot of people also love them.

In conclusion, speedruns are great, and if you haven’t watched any yet, NOW IS THE TIME. if you don’t like them then whatever, its not your thing. ^^


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