Anime Review: Is The Order a Rabbit?


Anime is really Teacup’s job but because she only watches dubbed anime it is my job to cover the latest and greatest things coming directly from Japan. So for my weekly subbed anime review I am reviewing Is The Order a Rabbit.

At first glance this show looks like it will be an over the top ecchi anime full of panty shots and overly inflated breasts, but in reality this show is a genuine and funny look at the lives of a group of kids who work in a coffee shop. It has amazing characters who are gradually introduced giving the viewer time to warm to each of their personalities, from the over the top Cocoa to the mysterious Rize every character is extremely unique.

Rize: An enigmatic employee at the Rabbit House

The show is not full of deep backstories and mythos but nonetheless there are overarching themes throughout its 12 episode run. It deals with themes of self-acceptance and wealth whist at the same time managing to be a fun romp with lovable characters. It is superbly written and the animation is astonishing, the scenery in the picturesque European setting are stunning.

One example of the scenery

I find this to be one of the most enjoyable and charming shows out there and I am immensely pleased that there is going to be a second season later this year. The show gets a firm 9/10 from me, my only problem being that sometimes stories take more than one episode to cover and so sometimes feel rushed. I would recommend giving it a try.

Is The Order a Rabbit season 2 begins this October

The entire first season of Is The Order a Rabbit is available to stream free on Crunchyroll now. And for more content like this keep it G33k!


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