Game Review: Rocket League

Rocket League is a “Car football” game available on PlayStation 4 and PC where you have 2 teams of 1 to 4 players trying to score a ball into the opponents goal while defending their own. Basically, football, with cars! 😀




This game has some great game-play, it’s simple to learn, but near-impossible to master. so, you have a car and it has a rocket booster at the back, it has enough power to keep you in the air and even to lift you into the sky, but you need to use a lot of boost for do that. That’s not even going into the jumping mechanic and the jump-boosting mechanic, this game has a lot of mechanics, scoring is a challenge of keeping control of the ball, keeping it away from opponents and hitting it in, all while in a car. using jumps and jump-boosts is crucial for keeping control and actually playing, good thing it’s FUN! The rocket boosting is great fun to do, and gives you the right sense of speed. It feels epic when the opponent is about to score and you swoop in at 100 miles an hour and whack the ball out of the way. There is so much I haven’t gone into but trust me, the game-play is AMAZING!


The community is pretty good, in-game there are quick-chat options that give you small messages to send either to your team or to everyone in the match, all of them are easy to send and get every point you would want to put across, across. The community is generally very nice, at least in casual matches (I’ve heard from others that the ranked play matches can get a bit rough, but I have no personal experience with the ranked matches myself) Either way the rocket league community has been very good in my experience with it.


This game is great, it is one of my favorites of this year, so far. I recommend it to anyone who likes competitive multiplayer games, I give it a solid 9/10. But if your looking for story then TOO BAD D:


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