TV Review: American Horror Story Season 1 (Spoiler-free)


I was kind of afraid to watch this show, but in the name of G33k I gave it a try. I honestly loved it. Even though this show is a little bit old as evidenced by everyone walking around with BlackBerry phones, it definitely warrants a review. Please be aware that this show contains violence, gore and scary content and so is not suitable for children.

The series starts off slow with it’s creepy vibes, it perfectly uses borderline subliminal things to make the viewer feel on edge from start to finish. Although as the show progresses it begins to rely more heavily on visual horror, yet it doesn’t ever feel out of place. The characters are superbly written and the acting for the most part is quite good, although I wouldn’t describe it as anything special. Some of the best performances come from the supporting cast who really give the show it’s creepy atmosphere, you are often unsure of the intentions of characters until they spring to life.

Vivien, Ben and Violet arrive at their new home.

There are however times when it is hard to keep up with events between episodes, there was a number of times I had to consult Wikipedia to remind me of events from ten episodes prior to the one I was watching just to get it to make sense.  The show often flits between various time periods as it explains the backstory of the sinister characters that the protagonists find themselves facing.

I found that over the course of the series there are a number of genuinely unsettling moments, I won’t go into a great deal of detail but you should be aware that the show contains: self harm, rape and words that are offensive to people with disabilities. I was honestly unprepared for how brutal American Horror Story is and how it isn’t afraid of showing very dark content.

The mysterious and dangerous Tate.

The show is genuinely one of those rare times that old school haunted house horror works, it is brilliantly suited for TV and has you on the edge of your seat the entire time. It is sometimes held back by flashbacks and can sometimes be a bit over the top, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this may be one of TV’s greatest horror shows. This show gets a definite 7/10, maybe even an 8.

American Horror Story Season 1 is available to buy on DVD and Blu-ray from Amazon, you can buy it digitally from Google Play, ITunes and Amazon Instant Video.

Keep it G33k ladies and gents.


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