Game Review: ViViD


ViViD is a free indie game from developers Layabouts. It was released in 2013 exclusively on Gamejolt, you can download it now for Windows.

Story: ViViD follows a patient taking part in a vision enhancement drug trial, as you progress the side effects of the drug have an increasing effect on how you perceive the game levels. Beyond that there isn’t much more story to this short platform game.

Gameplay: ViViD starts off as a very simple retro style platformer, there are standard platform obstacles and mechanics. But then as you go through the in-game days the stages become much harder as you have to deal with vision problems and hallucinations. It has a genuinely creepy feel to it as the stages spin and blur accompanied by an eerie 8 bit soundtrack. There isn’t much to the game considering how short it is, yet the gameplay is wonderfully trippy and surprisingly tense. But be prepared to die. A lot.

Community: Considering that this game is a relatively unknown indie game there isn’t any form of “fandom” but those who have played the game gave it very positive reviews.

Conclusion: ViViD is what a small scale indie game should be. It doesn’t last long but it really doesn’t need to, if it was any longer it would feel dragged out. The simple Atari style graphics combined with the soundtrack make the game both disorienting and unnerving. For a quick game to play to relive boredom ViViD is perfect, the developers have done a wonderful job. This game earns itself a 7.5/10.

Keep it G33k!


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