Game Battles #1: Battlefront 2 VS Force Unleashed


In this new monthly feature Discordia and I will represent two rival games in a battle to decide the champion. We will both present our arguments for our games and the winner will be decided by YOU! This month two of the greatest Star Wars games of all time go head to head! The Star Wars Battlefront 2 VS the Star Wars Force Unleashed!

Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is a first/third-person-shooter developed by Pandemic Studios and published by Lucas Arts released on the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Xbox and PC. In short, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 puts you in the shoes of a soldier on one of the many battlefields shown in the Star Wars franchise. You have a variety of different classes to play as, each useful for something different, and one very unique class in particular stands out. You can play as a Jedi on the field of battle! Each of the other classes are fun to play as but the Jedi is particularly fun, you can quickly jump around the battlefield throwing your light-saber into the crowds of enemies ahead. It’s a lot of fun playing as a Jedi, but you can only play as one when you have scored enough points, it’s a reward for good play, which is always good.

The game is very good at setting a scene. You can walk onto the field and really FEEL like your in the Star Wars universe. it’s truly wonderful, even if you haven’t seen a single Star Wars film, I haven’t, I just know the general plot from the LEGO Star Wars games when I was a kid (I know, I’m going to watch the films at some point :P). It stands on its own as a fun game, grand in its size and astonishing in its scale, this game can provide many hours of fun, Its got great replay-ability as well. you could be playing this game for ages! I can easily recommend it to anyone who likes first-person-shooters AND third-person-shooters, because this game gives you the option of both! ^^.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
The Discordia

The Force Unleashed is an epic action RPG game that follows the anti-hero Starkiller, the game fills in the space between the prequels (retches) and the original trilogy. It features a diverse range of new characters and locations, with occasional appearances from characters from the movies.

The combat is excellent and allows for you to develop a style suited to your gameplay, it worked well on the Nintendo Wii as it allowed greater control over the force and lightsaber powers. The story also has multiple endings depending on choices you made throughout the game, giving the story a lot more depth.

Graphically it is nothing special but the level design makes each mission feel unique and fun. However my one problem with it is that you are unable to return to locations you visited before, so it isn’t great for replaying.

Vote for your winner! (Voting closes Monday 17th August at Midday)


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