Movie Review: Ant-Man


Marvel’s Ant-Man is a masterpiece. I just want to get that out there before I start, I honestly loved this film. The way that the movie takes itself seriously but still sees the funny side is wonderful and Paul Rudd really grows on you as the protagonist.

The movie is visually stunning and the astonishing soundtrack makes every second of the film a genuine joy to watch, every character is perfectly developed and the acting is stunning. Marvel has clearly learned a few tricks from Guardians of the Galaxy in making a funny comic book movie without making fun of the comics. In fact there are so many nods to the comics that sometimes it is hard to keep up with them, so repeat viewings would be needed to absorb the whole movie.

The most bizarre fist-bump in history

Yellowjacket might be one of Marvel’s best villains since Loki, you can see his motives and plus he looks damn cool. He isn’t introduced until pretty late in the movie allowing the viewer to watch the progression he makes as he becomes less of a scientist and more of a maniac.

Michael Douglas as Hank Pym is potentially one of the best casting choices Marvel has made in a long time, he portrays the washed up ex hero so well and it would be a joy if he appeared in another Marvel film as his iconic character. The banter between his character and many of Scott’s allies is perfectly written and expertly performed.

Guys? I think I dropped my contacts! Guys!

Marvel once again proves that it is still top of the metaphorical food chain, this is a lovable and fun movie that still retains the story and action that super hero movies should have. If you haven’t seen Ant-Man go and see it now, seriously stop reading my review and go and watch the damn movie. This movie gets a far from tiny 9/10. Utterly brilliant.

Keep it G33k!


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