Why do pre-orders still exist?

Pre-orders are flooding steam by the day and the consoles are covered in pre-order-able games, the question is why do people still pre-order games? considering the disasters of games that came out last year (e.g, Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed: Unity as well as many MANY others, including Tetris on the PS4) why would people still buy games before reviews and news can confirm that you won’t be wasting your money? It still confuses me, but I can see why people still pre-order games.

So in an attempt to keep pre-orders “viable” companies started bundling in-game items and bonuses with pre-ordered copies of their games. Basically giving people who want to buy a game before they know its good or not exclusive content that you can’t access if you buy the game regularly. Its a great excuse to spend money on a game before its even playable. Its like early access, but you don’t get to play the game before it comes out. again, I do see the reason why some people would pre-order, if your going to play the game anyway, you get some more stuff with it and your guaranteed to get the game on Day 1. Its a good way to plan a purchase and to organize your schedule.

I personally don’t pre-order games that often but when I do, I make sure I have complete trust in the developers to make the game mostly bug free and mostly, fun! I pre-ordered GTA 5 before that came out and I pre-ordered Destiny before that came out. I was pleased with both when they came out and I still play both frequently today. I do recommend pre-ordering if your positive that the game your pre-ordering is going to be amazing and your going to play it a lot, but in any other case I’d wait for reviews to confirm their quality.


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