Competitive matchmaking

So, I’ve been playing Splatoon a lot lately and it reminded me of some things, most notably matchmaking. Splatoon has a ranked matches which hosts competitive game play where you play with players of your skill level. This is essential for a competitive scene to thrive and survive. CS:GO, League of Legends, hearthstone and DOTA, as well as many other games like them also have ranked matches, but one game hasn’t that really needs one, TF2. Team Fortress 2 is one of the best games to play competitively as it has some great mechanics that can change the flow of the game (i.e rocket jumping, the various different ubers and sticky jumping just to name a few) Learning how to perfect these different mechanics is a challenge and requires a level of skill quite a few players don’t have. Then you have to use your skill in the right place, running into the enemy on your own with just a few rockets can go really REALLY bad but if you plan it out right then you can send a few enemies back to spawn for a few seconds. Communication is key but you can still pull off some clutch plays on your own, if your good enough. watching someone pull off a 6K while defending last point is a truly amazing moment to behold, its a great spectator e-sport.

So why doesn’t TF2 have in-game competitive matchmaking? Well, soon, TF2 should be getting competitive matchmaking soon, but we don’t know when, we just know “soon”. Right now for competitive TF2 you have to find people yourself, go on a website that will find you a match, its an outdated system, if your system isn’t that good, opening your web browser isn’t good for frames, and its outdated. Its necessary for TF2 to have in-game competitive matchmaking for it to stay alive in the competitive scene, as right now. people are dropping off, and fast. A few of them moved to CS:GO, some went elsewhere, Those who are still playing TF2 competitively are trying their hardest to keep the scene alive. Until Valve add competitive matchmaking to TF2, I doubt that competitive TF2 will survive past the next few years at most. I hope that Valve add in-game competitive matchmaking  to TF2 because i don’t want to see a game I love so dearly to die because the economy is dead and the competitive scene is less than three people. When Valve add in-game competitive matchmaking I will rejoice and be happy that at least the devs cared.


2 thoughts on “Competitive matchmaking

    1. That’s less of a problem than not having a system at all, in-game at least. + im probably right in guessing that in the TF2 competitive scene right now smurfing is happening, also unskilled players aren’t a problem, they are learning. everyone has to at some point. some people may argue that smurfing isn’t even an issue as it means that players get to learn from some really skilled players, but then losing matches intentionally is just wrong in a competitive scene so yeah :/


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