I Review Until Dawn based on Videos and Streams

I thought this would be fun so why not! I’m going to review “Until Dawn” based on a few streams I’ve been watching for the past day or so. The game actually might be good, so take this as first impressions and not at all seriously, this article is also going to be a lot shorter because 1: I haven’t played the game myself 2: I haven’t seen all of the game 3: Its going to be written a lot less formally than usual so yeah :3.

LETS BEGIN! So there’s a story about totems and stuff, apparently. And there is this group of people who are apparently friends but they seem more like a bunch of people who bumped into each other at a bar the night before this whole event happened. All the characters seem boring and I don’t remember any of their names at all, there’s snow and stuff and I remember a bit in the game where two people have to break into their house to get in because the locks frozen over, but then one of the guys throws a lighter to the guy who broke into the house and its like “WHAT?! JUST USE THAT!” They even say, there’s a can of deodorant they could use to un-freeze the lock and one of the dudes is like “how could you use a stick of deodorant to un-freeze a lock? Oh you mean a spray can!” The story is dumb from what I can gather. The totems do show the future though when you pick them up, which is kinda cool because its generally your characters dying, so you got to stop that 😛

The game-play is the generic quick-time event thing we have come to expect from these types of games and it has nothing new to offer, so yeah :/

This game looks like its bad, but its kind of interesting I guess. For more reviews like this tell me down in the comments. 


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