Pokemon is one of my Favourite Games of all Time

When you load up a Pokemon game you’re often expecting it to be slow and very easy, and it is (most of the time) But it isn’t boring, its relaxing and very chill experience. It a great experience. You don’t want to stop playing! Then you start to catch Pokemon. You get to use these animal-like creatures, both cute and monster like to aid you in your journey. Its great! you have these either cute as a cat or Godzilla style animals fight for you. You get to take care of them and raise them as your own. And its still as peaceful as it was when you started, it just goes faster.

The story is generally easy to ignore but if you do pay attention you will greeted with a very cute story with a few funny bits in between. Then there is your enemy, who is generally a despicable team of generic bad guys who are terrible to Pokemon, it helps that none of them use healing items on their Pokemon to solidify that they hate Pokemon or at least think of them as tools instead of animals. This is all encompassed in a story of you going to catch a mythological legendary Pokemon. Its a ridiculous, almost impossible thing to do in the universe of the game but your character seems to be able to do it. It gives you a feeling of immense power when you pull it off even though if your anything like me, you will never use that Pokemon in your travels. Its surprisingly slow but it feels like a rush to lower the Pokemon’s health and catch it before it wipes you out.

Your character also becomes the Pokemon league champion at the “end” of the game. You face off against the elite four, a group of the best trainers in the region, Then once you have defeated them, you face the Pokemon champion, someone you often know before you face them but you don’t know they are the champion until the fight itself, this intense survival fight makes your blood pump in excitement, Its a challenging rush of skill and strategy, you need to have raised your Pokemon well to really stand a chance. Once you have finished the Pokemon league you can roam the region the game is set in in search for other legendary Pokemon  or just Pokemon in general, because you just “Gotta catch em’ all!” But you probably will enjoy catching them all and expanding your knowledge of the Pokemon universe. All of this, is very relaxing, and the rises in intensity with gym battles and legendary Pokemon, make it feel like a massive game that truly, is amazing.

Thanks for reading and I’m guessing you have a favorite Pokemon, we would like to know what it is. A lot of us here at G33k P0p have our favorites, they  will be listed below 😛


Tyranitar: SaltTheSalty’s favourite Pokemon


Mightyena: DrRichtofen1337’s favourite Pokemon

Snivy: TheDiscordia’s favourite Pokemon

Charmander: BanditJack’s favourite Pokemon

Eevee: Teacupology’s favourite Pokemon


2 thoughts on “Pokemon is one of my Favourite Games of all Time

  1. I distinctly remember the hours me and my best mate at the time invested in Silver and Gold respectively. Still one of my favourite iterations in the series. Don’t know why but I was always partial to Farfetched. Not because of its latent abilities, but more because of its obscure weapon it would carry with it. I mean, it’s a leek? It was an oddity that I just couldn’t help gravitating towards.

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