Review: Radiation Island


I normally leave game reviews to SaltTheSalty but I recently played Radiation Island on IOS and it is honestly an amazing game. It is rare to find a decent game on mobile devices but this is an exception. It is an open world survival game with a mysterious plot. Reviewing games is really not my strong point so please excuse how short this is.


The game has a story that you discover by finding notes around the island, as you discover the dark past of the location it adds a really creepy feel to the game. It is more or less just Minecraft but with better graphics and a deeper story, but you really get absorbed into this world as you try your hardest to not get eaten by bears, starve to death, freeze, drown or get injured too badly.


The gameplay is amazing, you have an entire island to yourself and you have to not die. Problem is this is one of the harshest games I have played, literally almost anything can kill you. In fact here is a list of al the horrible things that can happen to you in Radiation Island.

  • You can starve to death.
  • You can freeze to death.
  • You can break bones and have to find splints for the injury. Your speed drops with broken bones.
  • You can bleed to death if you can’t find bandages for cuts.
  • You can get poisoned from rotten food.
  • You can drown.
  • You can be devoured by: bears, fire zombies, wolves, crocodiles and probably even more.
  • You can get electrocuted.

Aside from that the game has stunning graphics and a really tense atmosphere. I mainly wanted to rant about how unfair this is.


You can visit the islands of other players but considering that this is a survival game this element really is pointless. It requires crystals that only take up space in your inventory and are otherwise useless. Other than this there is no other online play.


This might be one of the best games on IOS to date, it has stunning graphics and awesome gameplay. Radiation Island is a game that could compete with a lot of console games and I think this should really release on consoles as soon as possible. In total I give this a solid 8/10.

Don’t expect me to do game reviews often but you should keep it G33k anyway!


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