Why I Actually Like DLC


A lot of the time DLC gets a really bad reputation, people say that when they buy a game they are purchasing an unfinished product and they will have to pay for the rest through DLC. However think back to the days before DLC, when you would finish a game in 15 hours and then either put it on a shelf or give it to a second hand shop. 

I accept that often in games like Call of Duty and Asssasin’s Creed you end up with a lot of pointless DLC that only gives you a few weapons, but DLC that includes new missions and story are really cool. They make a game last longer and mean that the lifespan of a game is increased. For example Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate releases a new DLC pack for free on the first Friday of each month, it often contains loads of new online quests that can unlock cool new weapons and costumes. 

The free MH4U DLC from May allowed players to play as Samus

Often one-off DLC expansions containing large new additions to the game are the ones that tend to win over fans, for example the Citadel DLC for Mass Effect 3 and much of the DLC for GTA 4 and 5. DLC that adds huge portions of story to a game is really worth the money, however sometimes DLC can turn out to be a lot less than expected. One example is the recent DLC for Arkham Knight that only added one short mission per DLC. 

Fans were not thrilled with this pre-order bonus

So that’s why I often find DLC to actually make a game better, I am sure you all have your own opinions on DLC so feel free to debate down in the comments. If you want to see more content like this you will have to first buy the G33k P0p DLC and then keep it G33k!  


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