Why DLC is Terrible 


DLC, the horror of the market place, burner of wallets and excuse to fix games. This business practice is something that can be done right, but most of the time is done with no care for the customer, just as a way to get more money out of a game that’s sub-par at best.

DLC started off as something sweet and innocent in the form of expansion packs, these allowed the developers to add new content to an existing game so they didn’t need to spend as much money developing a whole new game and also so fans have new content in their game for a small price. Now DLC has become a bitterly over-priced way of adding content that should be in the game from the start. Some games can do this right, by releasing a GOTY edition of the game where DLC is bundled with the game for no extra cost, but a lot more games, like COD don’t have options like this and will set you back 35 to 50 pounds along with the game to have the full experience. Season passes are becoming more and more popular so you can get DLC when it comes out, its like pre-ordering, but for parts of a game instead of an entire game.

At least season passes aren’t as bad as pre-orders because you have seen and own the developers work already, you can (or should be able) trust the developers if you liked the game. But why don’t the paying customers get the full experience if they bought the game? This is DLC’s fault. The Sims 4 had tonnes of DLC available to buy A YEAR before the game was actually out. So you get The Sims 4 at launch and are immediately not having the full experience. Why do we have to pay extra for something that’s already in the game? Why do we put up with this? And why does it cost way too much for extra content that we should already have with the game?


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