Top 5 Anime Opening Songs


Anime intros are often really awesome, in this list I count down the Top 5 Anime Intros of all time! Enjoy the list!

5: Yu-Gi-Oh

The intro for Yu-Gi-Oh is awesome because it essentially teases a bit of the mythos in the series before an episode even begins. The beat is interesting because the lack of vocals encourage you to focus on the awesome visuals.

4: Death Note

The first intro for Death Note is very catchy, the red and blue visuals appear to show that because neither colour has connotations of good or evil it shows how there is no clear villain. The vocals are astonishing and it really sets the tone for the anime.

3: Black Butler: Book of Circus

This creepy intro starts off slow before building into an awesome theme that will get stuck in your head for days. The classic circus style music at the start gives off a strange tone with awesome visuals that makes this intro a really cool one.

2: Pokemon

This was one of the hardest decisions of my entire life, but Pokemon is my second choice. It does tease the future of the long running show, showing Pokemon that would not appear in full for a long time. The music itself is one of the most iconic for a long time, everyone remembers those famous words. It even made an appearance in the movie Paper Towns.

1: Attack on Titan

In my opinion this is the best anime opening ever. The awesome music and grim visual tone really sets the scene for the bleak anime. It shows the characters fighting the titans giving a glimpse at the massive scope of the show. That is why I chose this as the number one anime intro.

Thanks for reading this list, feel free to share your own opinion in the comments and if you want to see more lists then keep it G33k!


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