Are Games With a Story Dying?


A few weeks ago I was having a heated debate with someone over whether games with a deep story are no longer what gamers want, his view was that simple games you can just pick up and play are the future. Games like Angry Birds, Minecraft and Crossy Road might be the future of the industry. This led me to think about my article about the Japanese games industry, so I decided to start a series called “Is It Dying?” to debate the questions of things dying out in the entertainment world.

In my opinion current games are split 50/50, half are games with story and half without. I think that based on sales games with story and games without are equally matched, but what do gamers prefer? Personally I love a game with a good story, most of the streamers I watch on Twitch mainly play games with story. So do we even consider simple time waster games on phones to be real games? I think that there is a line between a casual gamer and a mobile gamer. I consider myself a casual gamer, but I consider a casual game to be something you can play without paying too much attention but if you pay attention you are able to follow a story. Games like GTA and COD are examples of this.

A hardcore game is something like Final Fantasy or Until Dawn, they have a story and you have to be aware of the story to get the full enjoyment of the game. I play a lot of JRPGs so I tend to pay attention to story more often than not, but I would consider some games without any story at all to still be hardcore. For example rhythm games can often be extremely difficult and require a lot of practice to do well in.

In conclusion there is a very clear line that proves you cannot class mobile games in the same group as console games. Even though a lot of mobile games can be seen as hardcore and casual they are a different kind of hardcore or casual to a console game. So games with story are not dying out, they are constantly evolving so what would be considered harcore story 5 years ago is not the same today. Story and gameplay are merging into one thing allowing gamers to take a lot of control over the story for themselves.

Thanks for reading this article and please do debate in the comments! For more stuff like this keep it G33k!


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