Hand of God S1E1 Review (POTENTIAL SPOILERS)


So I will be reviewing each episode of the new Amazon Original drama Hand of God as I watch them, when I finish the entire show I will do a whole season review. Please be aware that I will be watching this at my own pace but I aim for one episode per day, these reviews are shorter than the normal review because they are for only one episode. You can watch every episode right now with Amazon Prime on Amazon Instant Video.


The first episode of Hand of God is really awesome in how fast paced it is and how it sets the stage really quickly, it jumps from being funny and lighthearted to very intense. The acting is superb and this allows the emotions of the often troubled characters to be conveyed in a unique way. Whilst the show does deal with religion, it is used to create additional mystery around the events.

The first episode is really pretty graphic with a sex scene, lots of language and a lot of bloody violence. I did however find it hard to really follow what was going on at some points, but other than that this was a really cool first episode to a show I hope will stay just as awesome in the future episodes.

To follow the rest of my review of Hand of God, keep it G33k!


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