Rhythm games


So rhythm games are just great! You have to press buttons at certain times and in different places to match the beat of a song that you probably like, rhythm games are my favorite type of game as they require a raw amount of skill you can’t get out of most games. If you haven’t played a rhythm game before your in luck, as both Osu! and Stepmania are free on PC and both are excellent, providing tons of customization options and tons of custom songs. If you’re not in the mood for a rhythm game on PC there is the PROJECT DIVA games on PlayStation systems (and also now out on the 3DS) with a new one coming out next year on the PS4. Guitar Hero (and RockBand) is also good if your willing to look on E-bay for a controller. The case is the same for DDR (DanceDanceRevolution or Dancing Stage in PAL regions) on console. If your looking for a rhythm game you don’t need a personal system to play hop down to your nearest arcade, chances are they will have a DDR machine (or Dancing Stage in PAL regions) and maybe even a Guitar Hero machine. Just Dance is also there for a more casual experience.

So there’s a lot of ways to play rhythm games both in the system you want to play on and the controller the game uses. You can play Stepmania with ANY controller as long as its plugged into the system. But how popular are rhythm games? Well DDR sold millions back in the day and are still has a cult following and Guitar Hero has the some thing going on for it, PROJECT DIVA F didn’t do so well, still selling a lot but 80% of those sales were in Japan due to it being a game based on a Japanese star. I’m not surprised SEGA is reluctant on selling the PROJECT DIVA games in the west based on their sales figures over here. So although rhythm games have done well in the past even good rhythm games can not sell well (especially in the west). Ever since Guitar hero and Just Dance came out prices for song licences skyrocketed and for other games like DDR it meant they had to start appealing to a different audience than the hardcore fans just to be able to get their money back, so songs from 1 Direction and Justin Bieber have started to flood in to DDR and were supposed to be OK with that as hardcore fans of the game? The market for rhythm games has changed so much over the past ten years due to Guitar Hero and Just dance and whether  the hardcore audience likes it or not a lot of them are going to have to deal with it and hope for the “good old days” to come back.

So I urge you if you haven’t already to play a rhythm game, if you don’t like it then what have you lost? Unless you played one of the ones that isn’t free :PThanks for reading ^-^




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