What is a spoiler? A spoiler is information that spoils a surprise or shocking moment in movies/TV/games/anime/comics. People are becoming far too spoilerphobic in my opinion, this is getting to the point where websites will mark a movie poster as spoilers. Refer back to the definition of a spoiler, something that spoils a shocking moment. Not something that tells you what the movie is going to be about, we call that a synopsis. However this article will be talking about things that ARE VERY MUCH SPOILERS! NOT JUST FOR SPOILERPHOBES, I MEAN MASSIVE SPOILERS! ONLY CLICK THE READ MORE IF YOU ARE 100% SURE

Game of Thrones/Breaking Bad/Marvel’s Daredevil/Avengers: Age of Ultron/Death Note/The Hunger Games (Movies and Books)/The 5th Wave/Ant Man/Paper Towns 

Now if you are still here let’s talk about spoilers. I am weird about what I would consider to be a spoiler, for example when I watch any comic book movie I like to research more about it than I would with any other movie. Because I read a lot of comic I like to know what the story is based on, I often find myself knowing most of the plot in advance. Yet I enjoy the movie more knowing an outline of the story because it helps me to make links to comic books and spot those lovely easter eggs. However this philosophy of mine was challenged when I went to a pre-release screening of Avengers: Age of Ultron, there was no way I could have found out anything about it because the only screening of the movie prior to the one I was in was the premiere. I was getting goosebumps at every reference and awesome moment, I was almost shaking in the climactic battle. I was genuinely shocked when Quicksilver died and when Vision was brought to life by an Infinity Stone. This led me to question whether I had been missing out on enjoyment by reading plot details ahead of time, so when Ant Man released I only stumbled upon a few spoilers. This led to me finding the movie very enjoyable, however no more enjoyable than if I had read the whole plot.

People who claim that spoilers for movies based on books aren’t spoilers because you should have read the book are very wrong, because movies can be very different to the books. For example a lot of the movie Paper Towns was different to the book, I enjoyed the movie and would have considered it a spoiler if people had told me in advance of what had been changed. Books and movies have different rules on what is a spoiler, books can last for much longer than a film and so with everything tightly crammed together in a movie many more things are considered spoilers. Books however have much more going on and so there is less room for spoilers. One thing that does annoy me is when a movie puts a red herring in a trailer. For example when Finnick is heroically fighting the weird crocodiles in the trailer for Mockingjay Part 2 he clearly looks like he is not going to die within the next few minutes. This leads to two things, it would increase the shock of his death for people who haven’t read the book but it actually leads to idiot YouTube commenters saying things like “Hey, ain’t it funny how he looks like he is going to survive but we know he won’t!” thus spoiling it fully for the un-informed members of the audience.

The trailer for The 5th Wave makes the exact same mistake in making General Voch (The Army Guy) look like some hero when book readers know he is actually one of the main villains of the series, then idiot commenters will spoil it for those who have yet to read the book. Now I get the irony that I am talking about how I hate people spoiling these things and yet talking about them myself, but I did say that you should only read this if you are OK with spoilers. Now we move onto the king of book spoilers, the dreaded Game of Thrones. Fans of the TV show had to avoid spoilers from book fans for 5 seasons before they were safe, mostly in my experience book fans were respectful to the TV fans. Yet it is becoming increasingly difficult to actually jump into a long running show without spoilers, I was half way through the 3rd season when someone told me that John Snow was dead, now I have been put off watching any more of the show. The same thing happened when I was watching Breaking Bad, a teacher told me Walter dies at the end. I then gave up watching.

It isn’t just fans though, the people in marketing are really annoying with spoilers. For example they revealed the red suit for Daredevil just a few hours before every episode was on Netflix to stream, this led to people having to binge the entire show in one go to avoid spoilers. I watched all 13 episodes in two sittings and had finished the whole show the day after it released. This is clever marketing from Netflix who want people to  binge the show and thus will threaten them with spoilers to make them watch it faster. When I was told that L dies in Death Note I hurried to finish the show before I found any more spoilers, this led to me finishing the whole show in two days.

Sorry for the random spoiler rant but I hope you enjoyed it, for more articles keep it G33k!


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