Movie Review: The Martian


I am going to start this review by making it clear that I like outer space, I REALLY like outer space. So when a movie does space right it makes me happy, this is why I enjoyed The Martian. Also because it was awesome.

The movie opens with a shot of Mars with an amazing track playing in the background, I described the song with one word “curious”. In fact the whole movie could be described as curious, where most movies would be pretty morbid about a guy stuck on a planet, this movie was upbeat and positive. It fused real science with great humour to create a truly enjoyable experience.

Normally I am not a fan of Matt Damon but here he was funny and emotional and his character is someone who the audience can somewhat relate to. It feels like his character is torn between the fear of being trapped somewhere and the desire to explore it further. It really is amazing.

There are a number of sequences that just look genuinely beautiful, they really capture the vast mystery of the red planet. To wrap up, this may be my favourite movie of the year so far and is actually the highest rated film on the site so far! I give this fun and intense film a perfect 10/10.

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