Anime Review: Princess Jellyfish


I swear that about 70% of my anime list is just stuff Teacupology has told me to watch, this is not an exception to that rule. This is for sure one of the weirdest animes I have ever watched, it basically follows a shy nerdy girl who meets a cross-dresser. That’s just the first episode.

It does have a deeper story though, they rarely use it but when they do delve into the past of a character it really is a treat. To see into the past of a bunch of weird shy and geeky otakus is very cool. However the plot is a bit confusing, it only really sorts itself out in the final few episodes.


There seems to be a lot of jokes that would be funny for Japanese people, not that I have a problem with that but maybe that is why some of it was a bit nonsense. The cross-dressing Kuranosuke is probably one of the most interesting characters in the series, his backstory of having to cross-dress so he won’t have to deal with politics is one of the most bizzare yet logical things in the show.

The voice acting is good, yet the supporting cast feels very underused. For example the other otaku characters never really get their backstory explained and the only focus they get is in the bonus episodes. The motivations of certain characters are not very clear and sometimes they feel like they were added in just to fill out time.


To sum this anime up, I feel like it could have used a lot more detail. Yet the story is an interesting one, the characters are well voiced and the animation is perfect. I would rate this a 6/10. Not really one for my tastes but still fun to watch nonetheless.

For more anime reviews and general weirdness keep it G33k.


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