Is The Order A Rabbit?? Season 2 Episode 1 Review


The second season premiere of Is The Order A Rabbit? just released today for Crunchyroll Premium members and to be honest I was not ready for this. Nonetheless I managed to watch it and get some screenshots for this review! Now this review does contain SPOILERS and since the episode is only for premium members right now I would watch it first and then read ahead. If you watched it on the simulcast like me then read on after the break!

The animation has greatly improved with the new season as tiny details in already astonishing backgrounds have become vastly clearer. The details in the faces of characters have been given a boost to make everything look much clearer. On the animation front this episode was amazing.

There is sadly a new intro, however I actually enjoyed it a lot. I will need to hear it 100 more times to make a decision but thus far my opinions are positive. There is also a new outro and I love it, the last one was rather forgettable but this one was stuck in my head from the moment I heard it. The outro is also visually much nicer with more 3D style visuals.


There are some odd moments in this episode that don’t really make much sense. Like the scene above where Midori turns up for no real reason and her presence has no impact on the story whatsoever. The story for this episode is just as charming as those shown in the previous season. It follows Cocoa as she is taking photos of all of her friends in and around the Rabbit House, however she is unable to get Chino to smile.


Later when Ama Usa An gets featured in a magazine, the girls discover that every character apart from Cocoa and Chino are featured in articles. This leads to Chino and Tippy getting really sad and so Cocoa tries to cheer them up. In the end Chino’s father tells Cocoa about an article about the Rabbit House and this cheers Chino up. I do feel like this ending was rushed a little but it was what followed that was really cool. After Cocoa sends the photos to her family we get a glimpse in the form of a flashback of Chino’s mother who has not been seen up until now.


In general this was a great start to the second season of one of my all time favourite animes, I will be making good use of that (otherwise useless) Crunchyroll premium membership. This episode earns itself a solid 8.5/10.

Also the footage from Attack on Titan season 2 has leaked, however we will not be posting it until it is released officially as we have a strict policy on leaks. For more reviews of anime and more general awesomeness keep it G33k!


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