Are Plot Twists in Games Dying?

Welcome to the third instalment in the “Is it Dying?” series! Today I delve into the murder mystery of what happened to the gaming plot twist? This article may contain spoilers for: Until Dawn and the Metal Gear Series. Read Ahead at your own risk.

A plot twist is by definition when something unexpected happens that changes the course of something. They exist in movies, TV and games. Sometimes gamers love them, sometimes gamers hate them. However, I think that plot twists are being killed by the modern age. Twitch streamers and YouTube gamers finish a game and the entire world will see the ending, thus spoiling it for their entire audience.

In the past gamers have encountered some horrible plot twists. One that annoyed me in particular can be described with one word that will send a shiver down the spine of fans of the Metal Gear fans everywhere. Raiden. For those of you who are not aware of who Raiden is, he is a character who was never announced for Metal Gear Solid 2 but you end up playing most of the game as him. The trailers showed an awesome sequence with Snake fighting his way through a tanker, yet this is only the first chapter of the game. I bought the game some 13 years after it released not knowing about this and was utterly shocked to discover I would be playing as someone other than Snake.

However I think there is a difference between having a plot twist and having a Kojima sense of humour. The famous creator is well known for his warped sense of humour that makes fans the butt of jokes only he gets. One example is the chicken hat in the recently released Phantom Pain, or discovering that you weren’t actually playing as Big Boss in Phantom Pain. In fact the entire Metal Gear timeline makes my head hurt so I’m just going to move onto my next argument.

The ending of Arkham Knight is confusing at best, you basically die but don’t die. Or maybe you die and you do die. Also the Arkham Knight is Robin but no one cares. I hate endings that don’t make sense. I get that they are trying to be all mysterious but it just doesn’t feel fair on the gamer. Whilst sometimes it works, often it just annoys people.

Thanks for reading and please argue the hell out of the comments, I would tell you to keep it G33k but maybe I won’t… plot twist.


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