Marvel’s Jessica Jones Episode 1 Review

Welcome to the first of our 13 part long review of the new Marvel adaptation with Netflix! We are going to be spamming the site with our reviews of each episode but be warned because they may contain some SPOILERS however we will try to stay away from anything too major but we will need to have some spoilers to ensure our reviews follow on. So read on below the break for our first review!

OK! Still with me? Wonderful! So let us delve into Marvel’s amazingly dark new series dealing with many very dark themes. So to start off, we don’t properly see Jessica use her powers until 17 minutes into the first episode. In case you were previously unaware of the hero; she is a private investigator/former superhero who after a terrible incident was left with super strength, super jumping and super PTSD. She is basically running from the villain Killgrave who as we learn in the first episode did something to her in the past.

She is dealing with a lot of inner demons as a result of the manipulations of Killgrave, because of this the series is much darker than Daredevil. Partly because it includes slightly more “sexy time” and because it contains much more violence. Plus heavy drinking thrown in as well. However these dark themes wouldn’t be any good unless they had some stunning acting behind them. With Kristen Ritter as the titular character and Mike Colter as legendary Luke Cage, this series is set to be a fantastic follow up to the legendary Daredevil.

The only problem is that the sex scenes feel totally out of place and one certain scene took me totally unexpectedly and I found myself grabbing for the remote to turn down the extremely graphic sounds and the entire scene lasts about a minute. It is in no way subtle. No nudity but massive full on sexy times. Maybe this is a show to watch with headphones on, in a soundproof room, in the desert, on another planet.

There are rumours of a cameo from the man without fear but as of the first episode he is nowhere to be seen. So far I cannot tell if this is better than Daredevil but right now it feels on par with the first episode of that show. I am currently loving this show and cannot wait to binge the rest of it, so episode 1 earns itself a solid 8/10.


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