Scream Queens Season 1 Review

Scream Queens is not something I would normally watch, but I do not regret it. It was wonderfully deep and dark yet with a lighthearted comedy aspect that set it aside from shows like American Horror Story and The Walking Dead. It kept you guessing about the identity of the Red Devil right up until the soul shattering two hour finale.

The acting was superbly over the top, yet hidden beneath the humor was some really pretty emotional performances from the likes of Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee-Curtis. The cast was packed with pop-culture icons and celebrities but this was not something that dragged the show down as each one added to the fun and drama.

Whilst at some points it felt like the show was dragging, it picked up the pace quickly by the next episodes. Characters drop like flies as the mystery deepens and they drew closer to revealing the identity of the killer(s). However the final scene really feels added in at the last minute and it doesn’t really add anything and it really requires some explaining.

It is currently unknown if the show will get a second season but I honestly hope it does. This has been one of the best shows of 2015 and it would be a crime for it to not get renewed. My only issue is the horrible over the top product placement from Samsung.

In conclusion this funny/horrible/scary/deep show is one of the best of the year and needs a second season. It was let down only by some cheesy dialogue and annoying product placement. It earns itself a solid 9/10.

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