A Brief Look at The Crew’s Update

The long-awaited DLC for Ubisoft’s ‘The Crew’ was released a few weeks ago and is simply great. The original game was enjoyable, yet was subject to a lot of negative reviews, as many aspects of the game were not up to stratch. But lets put that aside and focus on the good news, some of the DLC’s new features are available for free in the form of an automatic update over Steam, Uplay, PSN or Xbox Live, adding some cool new features for those who don’t want to pay for the DLC.

I’ll just do a quick run over of the free update for you since I don’t have the full game yet. The first and most notable change is the updated graphics, the original graphics were good yet there were many areas which were disappointing. Also, the game has been given a nice new HUD, which is easy to see but less cluttered than the first and allows for a great immersive experience.

Another graphical feature has been added, dynamic weather, previously there was only the day-night cycle and different sky colours in different parts of the map (e.g. Overcast skies in the Maine Highlands, sunny skies in Los Angeles). But now there are features such as snow and rain, which help to bring a more realistic atmosphere to the game, allowing it to compete with other open-world games like Grand Theft Auto.


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