Why Kylo Ren Can Be Redeemed (SPOILERS)

In this article I will go over the reasons I think Kylo Ren isn’t all bad, but this will include MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR THE FORCE AWAKENS so if you haven’t seen it you can leave. Don’t worry, we don’t mind. Spoilers will commence after this point.

So Kylo Ren. He seems like a real nasty guy doesn’t he? He killed people, including his own dad. But what if he had a chance to be good again. I don’t mean like Vader helping Luke in the final few minutes of Return of the Jedi. I mean like full on turns heroic at some point near the end of episode 8 and helps the good guys from that point onwards. Let me first explain what I think could happen.

Episode 8 is coming to a close and Kylo Ren has witnessed General Hux do some terrible thing not unlike when he destroyed a star system in The Force Awakens. Yet this second evil is much much worse. This makes Kylo Ren doubt his evil training. So he confronts Snoke about it and somehow discovers that Snoke had brainwashed Kylo and/or was actually using the force to sometimes control him. This leads to Ren discovering that his memories had been altered to make him see his family and the jedi as evil. So he escapes from wherever the First Order are based. In an ideal world he would get Captain Phasma to help him. Kylo would then spend much of Episode 9 seeking out The Resistance, he would have some trouble getting them to trust him but in the end they agree to get his help taking down Snoke. This leads to a battle between all of the Jedi against Snoke. At this point perhaps Luke Skywalker would die but he would die knowing that Kylo Ren had returned to the light side.

Now back to before Episode 7. Kylo Ren is captured by Snoke who brainwashes him into thinking he is some kind of all powerful being and thus the knights of Ren are formed. Snoke then forces Kylo to kill all the Jedi that Luke is training. Over the next few years Snoke conditions Ren into thinking that he is doing the right thing. When Kylo lashes out in anger he is actually starting to fight Snoke’s mind control.

I know this theory sounds daft but it could be true. Maybe. Tell us your theories in the comments below! Is Kylo Ren truly evil? Who is Snoke? WHAT IS LIFE? Thanks for reading and keep it G33k.


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