Top 5 Deadpool Stories of All Time

With the upcoming Deadpool movie set to shake up the superhero genre forever, we decided to count down our picks for the top 5 best ever Deadpool comic storylines.

#5: The Wedding of Deadpool  

This story was one of the rare Deadpool stories that is just a genuine happy story, it was full of humour and cameos from other famous heroes. It brought a smile to my face to see Deadpool and his bride genuinly happy, Gerry Duggan wrote a truly great Deadpool story.

#4: Deadpool: Dead


Dead is one of the darker and more emotional stories on this list but it   still managed to be hilarious. It follows Deadpool on a quest to take his own life as he sets up elaborate plans to ensure he would get an amazing sendoff, this also features the appearances of Wade’s X-Force teammates. 

#3: Cable and Deadpool  

Whilst this is more of an entire comic series, it it honestly a great book. The banter between the grizzly battle hardened Cable and the insane Deadpool is not to be missed. It features some quality storylines and ran for a total of 50 issues. It added a lot of depth to Deadpool as a character also.
#2: Night of the Living Deadpool  

This ridiculously gory and dark storyline saw Deadpool wake up in a zombie apocalypse and  team up with other survivors to ensure that he didn’t die. The comic I clearly a spoof of The Walking Dead with its black and white art style, but that doesn’t make  it any less funny.

#1: Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe


As the name suggests, this alternate universe comic sees Wade go head to head with the entire Marvel universe in an insanely over the top gore fest written by Cullen Bunn. It ran for a limited run of 4 issues and was part of the crazy Deadpool: Killogy event. 

So that wraps up this countdown and we hope this has made everyone a little bit more hyped for the upcoming movie, keep it G33k.


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