Deadpool (Spoiler-free) Review

Deadpool is not a superhero movie, except it is. But then it isn’t. It is one of the most over the top gory movies I’ve seen in a long time and the sheer level of naughty language makes Celebrity Big Brother look like it was commissioned by the  Vatican. Deadpool is the character that got me into comics and comics got me into comic book movies and then I started reviewing them.  So without Deadpool, you wouldn’t have G33k P0p. 

Deadpool is a surprisingly complex character and the movie does an excellent job of making him not just a profane violent thug, you get to see a lot of emotion from the character and this is because of the amazing writing and acting. To be honest I don’t really like the acting of Ryan Reynolds but I think that as Deadpool he really shines. The movie is very obscene but all of it feels like it adds to the quirky character of Deadpool and isn’t just for shock value. 

“Ermahgawd Derdperl!”

The supporting cast is truly great both in quantity and quality. It feels like each character has their own story arc and develops throughout the story, the movie has some standout performances from Brianna Hildebrand and Morena Baccarin as Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Deadpool’s love interest Vanessa respectively. However the villain Ajax (Ed Skrein) is where the movie falls short, the character doesn’t feel anywhere near as developed as the others and it seems like his story was a tad rushed.

Deadpool hasn’t changed the genre of superheroes forever, but it has opened the way for more violent heroes to hit the big screen, Marvel Studios started this with the release of the vry adult Jessica Jones and will hopefully carry it on in Daredevil season 2. Ultimately this has proved to be a critical success of a film and will hopefully lead to sequels in the future and maybe introducing Deadpool into the larger X-Men Universe. 


Deadpool is regretting not getting an Uber.
The movie is full of excellent and very adult humour and this makes it totally true to its comic book origins and with scenes taken directly from the panels of iconic issues this makes it a movie not to be missed. I hope that this shows Fox how a Deadpool movie can work and will encourage them to push the boundaries more often. 

  • Better than: X-Men Origins: Wolverine
  • Not as good as: Ant-Man

Deadpool earns a solid 9/10.


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