Civil War Trailer 2 Breakdown

So after hours of waiting, the new trailer for Captain America Civil War has released and we have dissected it for you down below so get reading people!


Who captured Bucky?
Seeing Falcon react to this was awesome.
This got Wanda right in the feels.
General Ross is so glad Hulk isn’t in this movie.
Is this the SHIELD base known as The Raft?
This is maybe the best look at Tony’s new suit


This IS a prison for powered people.
Surfin’ Wakanda style.
Perfect takedown 10/10
I’m sure he’ll be fine.
See… he’s… fine…
Widow being awesome… as usual.
When someone takes the last slice of pizza.
Is he bulletproof?
My favourite ship just sank.
Hawkeye shooting Amt-Man from an arrow is amazing.
Crossbones being strong… very very strong.
3,2,1 FIGHT!

Thanks for reading this, you can check out the full amazing trailer below and until next time keep it G33k.


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