DOOM Story Mode Trailer Overview

So I’m back on G33k P0p, and a lot has happened while I’ve been away, a lot has been happening regarding the new DOOM game, or Doom 4 as it was previously known. Today I’ll be going over what we can see in the new (ish) trailer for DOOM’s story mode.


Spooky Scary Skeletons…

Immediately from the start, the graphics in DOOM look amazing, especially compared to Bethesda’s most recent Fallout 4, which, despite being a brilliant game, was graphically disappointing.

Now, upon hearing about the new DOOM game over a year ago, I expected a more refined, more horror-like shooter, like Doom 3. But upon seeing the trailer, it’s like the franchise has gone back to its roots of ‘shoot this, shoot that’. The absolutely mad gameplay looks like something you’d see if the mod Brutal Doom was made into a new game, with over-the-top finishers, blood, guts and explosions galore.


Look’s like someone got up on the wrong side of the Hellish-Underworld this morning

Some people would be disappointed if a game like Call of Duty was as over-the-top as DOOM, but with this trailer, it can be expected and it will be very welcome among fans of the old games.

I myself cannot wait for the trailer, they had me at the first gunshot. But thankfully, there’s not long to wait, the game itself has a May 13, worldwide release date, but it just won’t come fast enough!

You can check the trailer out here:

(Oh, and thankfully there’s no regenerative health)


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