Flashback Feature: Fallout: New Vegas (2010)

Hey there, and welcome to another Flashback Feature post, and this week, I’ll be looking at a game that’s still fresh in the minds of a lot of people, Fallout: New Vegas.

After starting to play Fallout 4 in the new year, I decided to have a look at the rest of the Fallout franchise, so I bought myself Fallout 3 (which didn’t work on Windows 10) and Fallout: New Vegas. It’s different to a lot of the other games, but really gives off the feel that the other games do as well, so without telling you the rest of my life story, let’s have a look at the game.

Fallout: New Vegas was released initially on the 9th October 2010, and was the fourth game in the Fallout franchise, released on Windows, PS3 and Xbox-360. The game was very well received, and rightly so, receiving a 9/10 from IGN and an 84 from Metacritic.

The game


As with a few other Fallout games, the game is built around you trying to find someone, the game begins with a cutscene of you being dragged out in to the wasteland outside New Vegas, and then, realistically the game ends, as you get shot in the head. But due to video game logic you survive! Then you undergo the standard Fallout procedures of creating your character and choosing your S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats. It turns out you were still breathing and you were carried off to a doctor in the town of Goodsprings by a friendly police robot named Victor, who you will run into a lot throughout the game. After leaving the doctor’s house you can take all the supplies you like and head out into the Mojave Wasteland. Immediately you can choose to explore, help out fellow people on some side-missions, or continue with the main story, and going to find the man who killed you.

I’ll stop talking about the story to ruin any more spoilers, so now on to the good, the bad, and the ugly of Fallout: New Vegas. Of course, the first thing you’re going to notice with any video game ever created is the game’s graphics. While I’m the kind of person who really doesn’t care whether a game’s graphics are good or not, I couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed in Fallout: New Vegas’ graphics. I was able to put my graphics up to the highest quality on my PC, and yet, considering the game was made in 2010, I wasn’t overly impressed, and the game’s graphics are almost identical to the one’s seen the Fallout 3. Anyhow, I must say that the graphics and setting are very good at creating a gritty, post-apocalyptic world. Fallout: New Vegas really does seem like it’s set after the nuclear apocalypse, the graphics create a gritty, colourless, dark feel, in comparison to Fallout 4, where instead of being destroyed by nuclear war, most of the game’s setting seems like it was just abandoned, and left there for 200 years.

There are a wide variety of enemies to be found in Fallout: New Vegas


The story is one that keeps you interested, as you constantly need to find out who the man is that tried to kill you. And if that sounds like a lot of work, you can always go on one of the many side-missions that are everywhere in the game, Fallout: New Vegas is a game that keeps you interested by always giving you something to do, as do the other Fallout games.

The setting as well, is very good. Combined with the gritty graphics the Mojave Wasteland looks very realistic, with scattered locations, boarded-up towns, military posts, old highways, and of course, casinos. As well as providing a post-apocalyptic, survival feel when you’re out in the wasteland, the game also has somewhat of a sleazy, GTA-type feel, with bars, gangsters, and plenty of backstreet casinos that give Fallout: New Vegas it’s ‘odd-one-out’ feel in the Fallout franchise. While it’s quite a dark and serious game, the developers have added that classic Fallout element of humour too, often seen around the wasteland. However, one thing that really bugs me is the fact that there is no sprinting at all, progress exploring the map has been incredibly slow thus far!

While most of humanity died, their sense of humour certainly didn’t.


The game is one that I would recommend to anyone, especially a fan of shooters, survival games or just the Fallout series in general. Fallout: New Vegas is a very well-made game which will not disappoint you anytime soon, and could be easily picked up on steam or in a second-hand game shop for your Xbox-360 or PS3, it’s definitely worth it.


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