Flashback Feature: Borderlands 2 (2012)

In this edition of Flashback Friday we reminisce to Gearbox and 2K’s 2012 smash hit Borderlands 2. Possibly one of the best and most unique shooters of last generation, BL2 mixed FPS and RPG seamlessly to create a surprisingly intricate and complex game with a detailed story. It served as almost an Anti-COD for people who wanted something similar to the hit franchise but with a bit more substance, not knocking Call Of Duty but honestly Modern Warefare 3 was the last game I actually remember.


Never a dull moment in Pandora

The game starts off by offering you a choice of one of four (five if you pre-ordered)  classes to play as, each has a unique skill tree and special abilities. These classes are not dissimilar to ones found in standard RPGs but they cover a wide range of gameplay styles. This combined with the vast number of weapons and customisation options make this a game that virtually anyone can play by adapting the skills to suit their styles.

The witty dialogue adds a distinct quirk to the game and helps it to really stand out from other games, it’s vulgar, gory and over the top but it all feels perfectly planned. The story can be a tad vauge at times but since the gameplay is mainly led by you it seems like this is a design choice, thus allowing the player to progress at their own pace. Each character is well voiced and extremely unique and this helps give the game a feel of being immersive and a living breathing world.


Raw beauty

The graphics are interesting, they give the game a comic book feel with bold lines and dramatic gore. This really helps give the game a memorable style and design, it suits the chaotic action perfectly. Sometimes when the action becomes intense this can cause lag but it never causes any real problems. The vast open worlds are beautifully designed in the art style of the game and it gives everything a larger than life feel to it, exploring Pandora is a real treat.

Overall Bordelands 2 was one of the defining moments of last gen FPS games and helped to change the genre entirely. This is well worth grabbing a few friends and replaying this game in co-op or just in your own, if you’re lonely like me. You can pick it up second hand pretty cheap so go and replay it. Thanks for reading and check back next week for another Flashback Friday. Until then folks, keep it G33k!


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