A Collection of Cosplay #4 

Welcome back to the one of our most popular regular features, today we have some of the finest cosplay so spotted over the last two months to share with you! We have also made an increased effort to credit as many cosplayers as we can and have included links to them that can be found by clicking the image. Onwards to COSPLAY!


Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) by @IllisaCosplay
Elizabeth (Bioshock) by MilliganVick
Link/Dark Link (Legend of Zelda) by Flowtography
Han Solo and General Leia (Star Wars)
Witch Doctor (Diablo) by @artisanstheory
Spawn (Spawn)
Tracer (Overwatch)
Thanks for reading and if you spot any awesome cosplay please send it to submit.g33kp0p@gmail.com and put “Cosplay” in the subject line. The awesome Metal Gear cosplay used as the header is by @NoaDMartin on Twitter so be sure to check them out. Until next time, keep it G33k.


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