5 Things I Want in the Future of the MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is something that has literally changed how we watch movies, we have come to expect films to fit into a larger connected storyline. The MCU started way back in 2008 with the release of Iron Man, right now we are preparing to enter the third “Phase” of this interconnected story with Captain America: Civil War. However there are still quite a few things from the comics that I think would make excellent additions to the movie universe, so I decided to count them down below.

#5: TV/Movie Crosovers

Marvel has proven that it knows how to make a good TV show, with its collection of Netflix shows proving to be amazing and the ongoing ABC series’ continuing to impress. However one thing still missing is these characters interacting with characters on the big screen. It isn’t like they aren’t interesting, we have Daisy Johnson on Agents of SHIELD demonstrating immense superpowers. Plus we have The Defenders on Netflix and they would be a paerfect help to the Avengers during a movie like Infinity War. I hope that by the time Phase 3 ends we have seen at least one TV hero hop onto the big screen.
#4: Deaf Hawkeye

This one is kinda specific, in the comics Hawkeye is deaf. I think this would add a lot of depth to the character on film, it would allow a fan favourite character to be even further developed with new flaws and challenges. Plus this could also lead to the introduction of Kate Bishop who could later (should Jeremy Renner leave the role) pick up the bow and arrows and become the new Hawkeye as she does in the comics. With Laura Kinney rumoured to be the taking the mantle of Wolverine over in Fox’s X-Men universe it would be a perfect time to shift around the characters and diversify the cast. 
#3: Less Iron Man

Please don’t hate me for this; I think Iron Man needs to be less of a focus in the MCU. He’s a great character and Robert Downey Jr is perfect for the role BUT it seems like the MCU is starting to revolve around the actions of Tony Stark more than any other character. With the character set to pop up in at least 4 films in Phase 3 alone I think we may see a situation like with Wolverine where we can’t imagine the cinematic universe without them. I don’t mean we need to get rid of the character, I do think however that he needs to be used more sparingly.
#2: More Diversity

Now I know it seems wrong of me (A white guy) to be writing about diversity, but I still want to make this point. Marvel seems to hate Asian actors. So far they have more or less boycotted the inclusion of Asian actors in their movies by either casting non-Asian people in the roles or changing the character to be white. Examples include The Mandarin, Iron Fist and The Ancient One. All of whom are Asian in the comics but are played by white folks. When Marvel did include a large number of Asian people in a movie they were all scientists (stereotyping) and whilst they were awesome characters they felt unerused.
#1: A Black Widow Movie

Seriously. Marvel needs to fix this, how on earth can Hope Van Dyne and Carol Danvers be leading movies before Black Widow, she is possibly one of the best characters in the MCU and she needs more of a focus. The novel by Maragert Stohl proved that Natasha can be awesome in a solo story set in the MCU so why can’t we see this done on film? People have wanted this movie for so long that it could be one of Marvel’s biggest films ever! She has so many awesome allies and enemies including Yelena Belova and her sometimes boyfriend Winder Soldier.
So that wraps up my list of 5 things I want to see in the future of the Marvel Cinemetatic Universe! Comment down below with your ideas and keep it G33k.


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