5 Things You May Not Have Known About Doom (Doom Month)

Doom is a game with a lot of mythos behind it, despite the original game fitting it’s entire story on one page. Later games added more story and with story comes weird easter eggs and funny secrets, so today I decided to count down 5 of those secrets as part of our Doom Month to celebrate the release of the new Doom game out on May 13th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

#5: It Was Made By Just 15 People

So you’ve beaten the game and sat down to watch the credits, only to see a total of just 15 names. The tiny team managed to create one of the greatest games of our time with such a limited number of staff, whilst most modern games have staff in the thousands and still manage to churn out games that are often less than stellar (*cough* Watch_Dogs *cough*).

#4: Bill Gates Used Doom To Show Off Windows 95

Bill Gates is head of Microsoft, he wanted to show off how powerfull his new OS was. He even claimed it could “clean up the DOS mess”. So how does one prove power? Digitally instert yourself into an FPS game for an awkward few minutes of bizarre shooting. If you want to cringe you can check out the video above.

#3:  Doom Coined the Term Deathmatch

Whilst the word was probably around before Doom, it was John Romero who first used the word in refrence to gaming. Whilst playing the multiplayer mode for Doom he reportedly noted the word Deathmatch as a name for the multi-player combat. This term is now synonymous with the FPS genre with it being a mainstay in franchises like COD and Halo.

#2: The Tragic Columbine Massacre Was Linked To Doom

Video games are often linked to real world violence without any evidence, however in the case of Doom this was far too real. The tragic 1999 shooting in the US Columbine High School was linked to the game via one of the killers being an avid player of the game and even making maps designed to look like the school.

#1: Doom was Originally Free

Due to heavy controversy regarding violent video games around the time of Doom’s release, to ensure the game got out ID Software decided to release the entire game as free shareware. This led to them avoiding sanctions and restrictions other gory games like Mortal Kombat had imposed on them as the internet was seen differntly by congress back then.

Thanks for reading this and we hope you learned something, we might be making a video version of this list over on our YouTube so keep your eyes peeled for that. Starting with this article we will be including sources at the bottom of the page for further reading and so you guys know where we found our info making this list. For more Doom, keep it G33k.











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