Flashback Special: Doom II: Hell on Earth (Doom Month)

So today we’re once again looking at a doom game, this time it’s only logical to look at Doom 2, the 1994 sequel to Doom. While it’s not too different to it’s definitely still a brilliant game that is still a lot of fun.

Doom 2 was released on 30th September 1994, only a year after the release of Doom, but it still received plenty of positive feedback, with a 4/5 from Metacritic, and a 7.5/10 from IGN. The criticism I believe is well-deserved, while Doom 2 is a very fun game with enjoyable gameplay, the game is almost identical to Doom, just with some new weapons, some new enemies and different levels. Also, just like its predecessor, the game was rather controversial, due to its once again violent themes and satanic imagery. Doom 2 was originally released on PC and Macintosh, however, due to its success and popularity, Doom II was later released for the Game Boy Advance in 2002, the Tapwave Zodiac in 2004, and on Xbox Live Arcade in 2010. While it wasn’t released for the PS1 at the time of its initial release, it was bundled with Doom on the PS1 port of both games in 1995.

I cannot tell if this is Doom 2 or 1
So, once again, you start out as the lonesome hero known as Doomguy, packing a pistol and ready for action once again, and just like in Doom, you basically just have to fight through more demon hordes. But, the small, but good additions to the game still stand out and make Doom 2 memorable. For example, the new weapon, the super-shotgun adds more diversity to the way in which you kill the game’s hellspawn, and allows you to use more weapons against the tougher enemies in the game. Also, new enemies such as the Hell Knight, Mancubus, Revenant and the extremely annoying Archvile (as well as a few more) add more to the fighting in-game, and gives the player a wider variety of things to shoot.

The levels of Doom 2 are rather interesting, with a variety of settings, from streets to sewers to the depths of hell itself, the environment is very fitting for a Doom game, despite most of it being set on earth this time. While the story is once again made unclear to you, it doesn’t really matter, games like Doom 2 don’t need cutscenes, pre-rendered action sequences, or even any other characters. Just you, a gun, and a whole lot of demons to kill. However, Doom 2 is nowhere near perfect, apart from the levels, it is almost identical to its predecessor, and considering how harshly we criticise games nowadays which are similar to their prequels, it’s surprising Doom 2 never normally received that much hate.

While this would be amazing, sadly it’s just a mod

But, everything aside, Doom 2 is a very worthy successor to the first Doom, and while it wasn’t easy to perfect the first Doom, ID software definitely did a good job. I highly recommend that you play Doom 2 at some point, it’s even available on Steam and the internet.

Thank you for reading this week’s flashback feature, and we hope you enjoy the rest of Doom Month, keep it G33k!







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