FNAF Sister Location Trailer Breakdown

So the trailer for the 5th entry in the seemingly never ending Fiv Nights At Freddy’s series has dropped and that can only mean one thing! Lore, mysteries and fanfics. So today I’m going to break that trailer down into tiny chunks and do my best to understand what is going on. Full disclosure; I have completed all 4 games. So onward to the trailer!

The trailer opens with clips from all 4 previous games
It then lists some emotions you may feel when playing this game
Another emotion
I think we should be feeling nostalgic…
I feel this every time I write about this game
Ok, FNAF 4 was actually pretty good.
Five Nights at Vault 111
Based on past games I would back away from those puppets
Are you sure this isn’t Fallout?
Gettin’ Kinky
Secrets including a fixed release date
Squad Goals
Hey! A FNAF fan got made into an animatronic!
AKA “Totally not FNAF 5”
I think it might be laughing its’s actual face off

I would just like to take a moment to apologise for being so sarcastic, I don’t want to be killed by the FNAF Fandom. If you don’t hate me after reading this, keep it G33k!


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