Game Review: DOOM (2016) (Doom Month)

DOOM is a game that I waited and waited for, and it definitely didn’t disappoint me, while there are plenty of mixed views on the game, especially a lot of negative reviews from the beta back in April, you either love it or you hate it. But I was really not disappointed by DOOM, here’s why.

The story has been completely reimagined, similar to the first Doom but with some new characters, a new lore and some new enemies, as well as old ‘faces’. I’m still not completely finished with the story (just one mission left) but I can say that it is a lot of fun, it’s definitely one that keeps you interested, you’re always doing something in this game, much like in the original games. It’s not like the slow paced horror of Doom 3, the last addition in the series, it’s like a reboot of the action-paced FPS-puzzle games from the 1990s. With the new enemies and characters, and also a much clearer story than the original games, DOOM really has a fun campaign mode. One thing I particularly like, is the secrets and added bonus levels in each level. While in the original game you could find secrets I’d say the ones in the new DOOM are really worth searching for. You can unlock Praetor Suit tokens, Weapon upgrade points, health, armour, even a cute little Doomguy toy. But, what makes these secrets really interesting is the added secret levels, which allow you to play through an original Doom map with the new game engine, which can make for a fun experience. As well as this, rune trials, which are little challenges found throughout the game, which when completed can give you special perks, make the campaign very enjoyable with a lot of replay value.

There’s always too much choice of what to annihilate demons with.

Those who played the original Doom games will possibly remember the online multiplayer, which took advantage of new technology and added more popularity to the game in the mid-90s. In DOOM it’s been completely revamped and reimagined for a really fun gameplay experience. New game modes have been added, team deathmatch, soul harvest, warpath, etc, all make sure that the multiplayer mode delivers, as it is really such a huge part of video games today. However, while I don’t agree with it, the game has received criticism for being too much like other FPS already dominant in the market, such as Halo and Call Of Duty, this is mainly because of the game-modes, weapon/character customisation and graphical styles that have been implemented. I will admit, some critics have a point, the game is not totally original and has features derived from other games, however I don’t personally have much of a problem with this, and despite being terrible at it I currently enjoy playing multiplayer a lot, and have somehow managed to get to level 109 within game. (Yes, I have no life)

The multiplayer really is a lot of fun to play, especially with friends, or by yourself, we don’t judge.


One of the most interesting and enjoyable features about DOOM is the new mode, named DOOM SnapMap. SnapMap adds in a whole new creative aspect to the game. While the campaign and multiplayer modes are set on destroying and creating absolute carnage (which I have no problem with, by the way), SnapMap allows the player to take a break from the destruction and unleash their creative side, by building maps either from scratch or using pre-made templates, and then publish them online, using a cross-platform system, well, until they play their maps and then get back to the classic DOOM carnage. SnapMap is a lot of fun, allowing either complex or simple creation with a lot of different tools, props and effect, almost like LittleBigPlanet meets DOOM. SnapMap is really a lot of fun and adds a whole, huge new aspect to the game, even if you’re not fussed with the campaign or multiplayer, then it’s probably worth buying DOOM for SnapMap.

SnapMap can pretty much allow to make anything, and then compare it to other people’s to eventually realise they’re better than you. (Trust me, I’ve been there)


But, the game, like all others, is not perfect, I feel that parts of the game are heavily derided from others, especially with the multiplayer modes, and I fear this could turn some people away from the game. Also, a really fun part of the game is “glory kills”, Mortal Kombat style finishers on your enemies across all three gamemodes, while these are extremely fun and cool, I think they could be a bit ‘broken’ in multiplayer, sometimes I will be in glory kill range of an enemy, I’ll press the button, and then just kill them normally. I don’t know if it’s a bug or not, and it really isn’t a major problem, but it’s just a minor annoyance.

I really am waffling a bit, but, there’s just so much to say about DOOM, it is definitely a fun, well rounded singleplayer and multiplayer FPS, with a lot of replay value and interesting features. It is one of my favourite games of this year and maybe ever, and dare I say it, maybe better than the original.



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