Flashback Feature: GTA Vice City (2002)

GTA Vice City is, in my opinion, a bit of an oddity in the GTA Franchise, more of a one-off game with a new setting and a whole new theme. It can be said that Vice City is more 80s than the actual 80s themselves, with a Miami-like setting and vibrant colours.

The game was developed by Rockstar North and Published by Rockstar Games, releasing on October 27th, 2002, for the Playstation 2, Xbox and PC, as well as this the game has also since been released on Android, Playstation 3, Mac and Playstation 4, and is available alongside other classic GTA titles on the current generation of consoles. The game rightly received good reviews from critics, with a 9.7/10 from IGN.com, and a lot of other good ratings all around.

Since the original release the game has been ported onto iOS and Google Play

The game has a good storyline, as do most, if not all of the GTA games, set in 1986, following the story of protagonist Tommy Vercetti. After spending 15 years in jail for the murder of 11 men in Liberty City (GTA’s parody of New York), his former boss fears his presence will spark more violence and sends him to Vice City (GTA’s parody of Miami) to act as his buyer for a large number of cocaine deals. I won’t say anything else so you won’t have the story ruined, but as you can tell it’s a story full of some really nice people. In all seriousness however, the story is one that is interesting, and despite GTA Vice City being in a new location, with new characters, etc. the story is still very good and fits almost perfectly with any GTA game. It will definitely keep out interested.

vice city lol
If you can’t have fun by messing about in GTA, then you probably can’t have fun at all

It’s not a particularly bad looking game either, while it is over 10 years’ old, the game has a classic 80s feel with all the bright colours, such as the Vice City sunsets and the streets at night. Not only this, but there is a decent-sized map to explore in GTA’s incredibly fun, do anything you like world. The map features some different varieties of locations, skyscrapers, highways, beaches, etc. And with the different easter eggs dotted around, the wide range of vehicles, if the story somehow doesn’t interest you, then there’s still plenty to do.

The people of GTA are so cooperative when you ask them to leave their car…

Rockstar really took a leap with a GTA game so different to the others, but it really paid off because they delivered, it appears different to some, but deep down it’s just another well-made GTA game, and to be honest, there’s nothing wrong with that.


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