Flashback Feature: Attack on Titan (2013) [AD]

Full disclosure: The following article is a paid promotional feature from Crunchyroll.

Welcome back! You may have noticed that there has been a large lack in content here these past few weeks, this is because we have been shuffling some things around behind the scenes to ensure you get the best possible content. So we return with something brand new! For the first time we are spotlighting anime on a Flashback Feature, thanks to the awesome folks at Crunchyroll we are bringing you a special flashback look at the modern classic anime Attack on Titan!

Lots of the Show is Spent Watching People Watch Things

Attack on Titan is a modern classic, it transcends the boundries between anime and true drama. I have many friends who never watch anime but have truly enjoyed Attack on Titan. It feels like one of the amazing primetime dramas like Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad whilst still maintaining the anime archtypes that fans love so much.

“If you only ever watch one anime, make it this one”

The visuals are stuning with the beautifully painted backgrounds fused with the astonishing animation perfectly. The sequences of 3D animation are also top notch as the heroes soar through titan infested cities on the forever awesome Three Dimensional Manuvere Gear. That leads me onto my next point, the attention to detail. The story of AOT is so rich and filled with tiny things to pick up on that it is always worth re-watching just to spot all the tiny things that only make sense after watching the entire series.

The drama and emotional fuel is added to by the stunning and haunting soundtrack, it can go from inspiring action music to heart breaking sorrowful sounds in a beat. This pays off in a show as brutal and tragic as Attack on Titan. The manga is almost perfectly transcribed to the anime with a thrilling panel by panel feel that makes the books really easy for fans of the anime to jump right into.

Titans are Smokin’ Hot!

With intense drama and brutal action gallore, AOT still manages to have likeable and interesting characters  telling the story. This makes the show feel even more tragic when it kills off one of your favourite characters without a hint of remorse. All this makes Attack on Titan one of the greatest shows on Crunchyroll and if you only ever watch one anime, make it this one. Attack on Titan is a true classic and one of the best animes of our time. I would reccomend that everyone clicks HERE to get a free trial of Crunchyroll Premium and binge this show and more right now.

Big love to Crunchyroll for helping make this article possible, they are an awesome anime streaming site with some of the best animes out there including Attack on Titan, Naruto, Sword Art Online and much more! Until next time folks, keep it G33k.


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