Flashback Feature: Final Fantasy VII (1997)

Final Fantasy VII is a game that changed RPGs for an entire generation of gamers, it brought the Japanese RPG market to the west and ignited a spark that created a multi-million dollar franchise to the western market. It was one of the standout games of the PS1 era and still holds up as an iconic game, with a HD remake on the horizon I thought it was time to flashback to the original classic. So lets get on with it!

The graphics are not great, that cannot be denied. But when you get past that and realise how groundbreaking the gameplay and style are, you realise exactly why VII defined a generation of gamers. It has a story with depth and characters that you learn to love, each with their own unique personality and style. This difference means that fighting in battles is even more fun as you use every individual skill to take down increasingly powerful bosses and enemies.

Cloud is one of the greatest characters in any Final Fantasy game.

The soundtrack is one of the most unique and well made in all of gaming history with the beats being instantly recognizable even to people who aren’t die hard Final Fantasy nerds. The huge orchestral sounding music adds drama to every battle and makes the exploration of the world of Gaia. The tiny details of sound design are wonderful, they give an otherwise silly game a lot more depth and detail.

Final Fantasy has always been known for the distinctive battle system of the series and that was really made great with the 7th instalment in the series. The turn based combat allowed players to plan ahead and prepare their moves to unleash massive damage. The limit breaker special moves allowed you to have a goal of sorts, to have something to build up to and have a devastating attack. This combat system allowed every fight with all of the games amazing bosses to be even more exciting.

Still one of the best turn based fighting systems in any game ever.

Overall Final Fantasy VII is one of the defining PS1 games and one of the games that changed the market forever. It allowed players to explore more freely and be immersed in a massive story. Games that followed would build on this and develop entire stories and continuities within their games. The Final Fantasy 7 sequels tried to do this but mostly fell flat and failed. Avoid them like the plague. I would say to anyone who has not played this classic to go and buy a copy either on Steam or on the PS1. With 15 releasing this year and the HD remake on its way, there is no better time to return to this classic.

G33k P0p will be at HyperJapan in London this Sunday trying to hunt out some exclusives for you all! So expect there to be a special Collection of Cosplay next week and more interesting posts from HyperJapan! Until next time, keep it G33k!


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