G33k P0p’s HyperJapan Adventure

This weekend G33k P0p was in London exploring the crazy world of HyperJapan Festival. RadicalTey and Discordia entered the Kawaii madness and came out alive, check out the slideshow below for all of the photos! To view them bigger and read more about it, click on the images to scroll through them.

HyperJapan was a weird experience, it was very different to many of the other conventions I have been to. I was expecting a larger focus on anime and manga than there actually was but this did not take away from the enjoyment of the convention. There was actually not that much cosplay but the ones that were there were very good. Overall HyperJapan is mainly aimed more towards Japanese culture but it was fun nonetheless. We also attended a vocaloid show and I got to play a special demo of the newest Monster Hunter game and although I failed, I apparently did pretty damn well. We should be doing Collection of Cosplay #5 really soon so if you have any photos of either awesome cosplay you have seen around or cosplay you did yourself, just send it to us at submit.g33kp0p@gmail.com with “Cosplay” in the subject line! Remember to credit the cosplayer where possible! If you have any questions about HyperJapan you can put them down in the comments below or tweet them to us @G33kP0p and we will try our best to answer them! Until next time folks, keep it G33k!



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