Suicide Squad: Special Ops Review (IOS)

Gone are the days of terrible movie tie-ins on console. We now live in the age of some pretty decent tie-ins on tablets and phones. Yes there is a stigma around mobile gaming and things like Candy Crush and Crossy Road do nothing to help mobile be seen as a respected platform for gaming. But recently there has been an influx of actually decent mobile games that aren’t trying to BE console games, but are often almost as good. Mobile gaming works when it feels like a pick up and play arcade style game, with minimal story but maximum action. The game for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie ticks all those boxes.

The game does feel very much like an arcade game, as you go through waves of enemies to see how long you can survive. This helps the game feel lighter and more like something you can play on the way to work, but still feels made for gamers. The gameplay is not that different to the Dead Trigger games released by MadFinger, with its aim to shoot mechanics. This means that rather than having lots of complicated buttons, when you have aimed at an enemy the gun shoots for you. This helps with pacing and makes the game feel much more intense.

The game allows for both melee and gun based combat.

The game has three playable characters that you can swap and upgrade at the end of each wave, they are: Deadshot, Diablo and Harley Quinn. Each has their own unique fighting style and special moves. This means that depending on the location you can swap characters to suit what works best. For example in an area with lots of open space and high up points, you would be best as Deadshot with his ability to slow down time to get better kills.

Each character has two weapons you can swap at will. Deadshot has an automatic rifle and his wrist mounted guns, Harley has a handgun and her iconic baseball bat and Diablo has only one weapon but it is utterly devastating. He uses the power of his fire ability to tear through crowds of enemies. However there are a few downsides to the game, namely the lack of characters. Whilst the trio of playable characters are both fun and interesting, the game feels like there should be more. For example Enchantress or Killer Croc would both be worthwhile introductions to the game. Perhaps in a future update we will see more characters and weapons added.

Deadshot fighting one of the games larger enemies.

Sometimes the wave based style can feel repetitive and get a little boring, plus some of the enemies are ridiculously overpowered meaning you have to rely on the often shoddy AI of your companions to protect you. However on the plus side the comic book style graphics look pretty nice and the fast paced action makes this a joy to play. The new age of mobile gaming is here and it looks good. Suicide Squad: Special Ops is free to download on Android and IOS now and the movie will release August 5th. You can see a trailer for the game below. Thanks for reading and keep it G33k!


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