Before the Bombs: The Fallout Backstory

The backstory to Fallout before the great war is definitely one of the most complex and detailed within the video game world. While it’s not something we’d normally do here at G33k P0p, The Discordia has asked me to write a piece on something Fallout-related, so today we’ll be looking at the backstory of what happened before the Great War on October 23rd, 2077.



The story begins somewhere after World War 2, where the timeline of Fallout splits from our timeline and becomes a separate timeline, it’s guessed that divergence takes place between 1945 and 1961.

By 1969, the US has changed drastically, it is now divided into 13 commonwealths, the national flag is changed to have 13 stars in a circle, and a fourteenth star to represent the federal government/nation as a whole. Not much happens following this, but massive advancements in technology are made over the following decades, especially in the field of nuclear power. As well as this, the US makes advances in the space race, piloting 2 manned moon missions in 1969.

The pre-war USA flag

Advancements in technology continue, with Nuclear energy being more abundant, as global supplies of oil begin to run low. Various companies which will be very familiar to fallout fans are set up, such as General Atomics International, Wonderglue, and Hubris Comics. US citizens have access to new forms of technology, improved terminals, and Mister Handy Robots. However, across the world, the heavy demand for supplies by consumers leads to shortages of many raw materials like oil, and while nuclear power is becoming the norm, oil is still needed by the world, too precious to be wasted on things like automobiles, alternatives are searched for.

The pre-war fallout world had new technology, as well as old.


The pre-war fallout world had new technology, as well as old.
In 2052, many smaller European nations go bankrupt due to high oil prices from the middle east, where many oil reserves are found. Europe responds to high prices with military action, and the Resource Wars, between the European Commonwealth and the Middle East, begins. Then, the UN, already suffering, begins to collapse as many nations leave the UN, while it still tries to keep the peace. On 26th July 2052, the United Nations was disbanded.

By 2054, in light of events, and nuclear exchanges in the Middle east, the United States begins Project Safehouse, working with Vault-Tec, to build underground Vaults across the US, which the public was told would keep them safe, but most of them were actually used to perform human experiments on unsuspecting subjects. Things then begin to go further downhill, as, in Alaska, where the world’s last oil reserves are left, the US needs to increase its military presence there, causing tensions with Canada, in 2059.

The European-Middle Eastern War ends as the oil fields in the run dry. There is no longer a goal in the conflict, and both sides are reduced almost to ruin. The European Commonwealth dissolves into quarrelling nation states, fighting over the remaining resources. By 2065, power rationing is introduced, due to the New York Nuclear Reactor going supercritical and almost causing a meltdown. However, at this time, Power Armour begins development, which would not only cause the US to become the dominant military power, but this also led the way for more advanced construction, military and fusion technology.

While there was terrible civil strife, the pre-war US had plenty of domestic luxuries at their disposal.


While there was terrible civil strife, the pre-war US had plenty of domestic luxuries at their disposal.
However, Robert House, the founder of RobCo, a robotics and computing company, deemed, that mathematically, Nuclear War would devastate the world within 15 years, it was a certainty.

In 2066, China, the dominant communist superpower, instead of the previous USSR, got tough in trade talks with the US, as China depends on Fossil fuels. Adding insult to this, later that year, the first crude Fusion Cell was unveiled, which would allow Fusion Power to be incorporated into general US infrastructure. Later in 2066, China invades Alaska, and Canada has to give in to the US and allow US troops access to Canadian land to reach Alaska.

In 2067, the first suits of T-45d power armour are unveiled, which, while offering poor mobility, are incredibly effective against Chinese Tanks and infantry, due to their ability to carry heavy ordnance, which would normally require a group of soldiers to carry. China rushed to create their own but was years behind the US advances. Eventually, the US put such a huge strain on Canadian resources that it is referred to as “Little America” and protests in Canadian cities begin.

The first power armour deployed on the battlefield.


The first power armour deployed on the battlefield.
By 2070, Chryslus motors are sold to the public, fusion cars, with a hefty price tag, but heavy demand, as the US makes further advances in fusion technology.

Meanwhile, a faction of the government called The Enclave, working with companies like Poseidon Energy and West Tek, make plans for taking government officials and important figures away to an Oil rig in the pacific, in the case of emergency, to be able to repopulate the US if disaster struck. They also seize US space centres, preparing for possible transport off world.

In 2074, the US sends troops in Power Armour to mainland China in a Counter-Attack, but they get bogged down, putting further strain on US supply lines and resources.

In 2076, a year before the great war, the US annexes Canada, any rioters and protesters are shot on site, and these images make their way onto US TV, causing unrest at home. Further causing unrest, was the problem of resource shortages in the US, which sparked more riots and protests. However, at this time, the US deployed its new T51-b power armour in China and Alaska, giving them a further edge on the Chinese forces.

Also, experiments by West Tek with the FEV (forced evolutionary virus) are shown to the military and plans are made to create a breed of super soldiers, but, on 10th January 2077, Alaska is reclaimed.

In march 2077, prepared for a Biological or Nuclear Attack in the US, the President and the Enclave head to a Poseidon Energy Oil rig in the pacific.

Then, on 23rd October 2077, at 9:13am EST, probable Nuclear Launches are detected and the US military is taken to DEFCON 2. Roughly a half hour later, at 9:42am, Nuclear Strikes are detected in New York City and Pennsylvania. Five minutes later, Boston and Washington DC are hit. After this, the EMP from the nuclear strikes causes a blackout across the US, killing all unprotected electrical systems. West Tek takes a direct hit, and the broken FEV tanks release FEV into the atmosphere, which has lost its mutagenic abilities due to radiation.

The great war devastated the entire US, changing the landscape drastically.

While it was the end of the world, it was the start of a whole new world that would form the Fallout Universe, and provide us with some of the greatest RPG/FPS games ever made.





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