Discordia and Joshtie’s Best Memories and Moments

So G33k P0p is 1 year old today! So Joshtie and I are celebrating by bringing you this quick post with messages from both of us and a quick collection of some of our best posts from across our first year on this amazing and crazy ride! So below is a message from me and a message from Joshtie. Followed by a collection of some of our best articles and the stories behind them as told by the folks who wrote them. Thank you all for keeping it G33k!


So, somehow G33k P0p has been around for a year now, and I’ll say that, while I haven’t been involved for the whole time, it’s definitely been fun being forced to, uh, I mean, choosing to work here. My favourite moments here have probably been doing the P0pcasts with Discordia, SandPaper and DigitMiss, they’ve been really fun to be part of and are always enjoyable. It’s great to see support more and more support for the site on social media and in terms of views/likes, and I’m excited to see where the site goes next.



G33k P0p was never going to be more than a little thing I did when I was bored one summer. Yet somehow now there are more people reading this, than there are people in the town I live. That feels weird, I honestly remember our very first visitor and being so hyped about it. Every day when we get new visitors from new places all over the world I get excited, seeing how many people across the globe we have impacted as a team. Running this site brings me so much joy, that joy is only possible because of our wonderful readers and the wonderful team I work with every single day. So from the bottom of my heart I thank all of you for helping to make this possible and for keeping it G33k! Here’s to the next year!



Our First Ever Interview (Discordia)


“Doing this interview was really surreal because I had literally been watching gameplay of Magnetic: Cage Closed for weeks, then I actually got to talk to the guys who made it. Dan was really cool and we still stay in contact today, we really wanted to do a big press style interview early on because it would be something that readers would see and think that we were vastly more professional than we really were.”

The First Ever Flashback Feature (Joshtie)

“The idea to make a post all about older games and flashing back to them was something I feel like I needed to. There are a lot of hidden gems out there, ok, Half Life isn’t exactly a ‘hidden’ gem, but by writing posts about these old games and putting them back in the spotlight once again was something that we thought was a good idea.”

A Thankfully Positive Review (Discordia)

“Deadpool was at the time one of my favourite comic characters and so seeing the movie and being able to tell readers how good it was, really made me smile. Because, if I watched the movie and it sucked, I would have to review it badly and that would really suck not just for me but for all Deadpool fans. So purely because this movie was so great, I enjoyed writing about it and being able to say such great things about it.”

Counting Down Some of the Finest of 2015 (Joshtie)

“With 2015 being a year full of great games it was hard to decide the best, but that’s what made writing this post a lot of fun. As well as that I thought that making our own list of what we thought we our favourite games of the year would help our audience give their opinion and either agree, disagree, or provide their own opinions on their favourite games of 2015. Sure enough, they did, and that was interesting and helped us interact with our fans, which we always enjoy.”

That One Time We Beat IGN (Discordia)

“The reason I picked this as one of my favourite articles is a tad vain. I picked this because of the effort that went into waiting for the Civil War trailer to drop, I was using a rumour from Reddit as my only lead to sit and refresh Twitter for over an hour just waiting for the trailer to drop. It was worth it so much, my source was spot on and I watched the trailer and took screenshots and formatted them into a post. We were the very first site on the entire internet to have gotten a breakdown out for that trailer and I have not stopped bragging about beating IGN since that day! Honestly they probably don’t even know who I am…”

Lore, Lore Never Changes (Joshtie)

“If you know me, which, thankfully for you, you probably don’t, if I really enjoy a particular game, e.g. Overwatch, Fallout 4, DOOM, etc. then I will be especially interested in those little aspects of the game that you have to delve deeper to find, like lore, theories, trivia and more. Writing this post was a lot of fun for me, as well as being something different to my usual Flashback Features every fortnight, this post allowed me to finally show off my Fallout knowledge without people telling me to shut up, which is something that doesn’t happen often.”


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