Flashback Friday: Lego Star Wars II (2006)

The recent release of the Lego game version of the smash hit Star Wars 7 led me to think that for this Flashback Friday I should write about one of the best Lego games ever and potentially one of the best Star Wars games to have ever been made. It is Lego Star Wars 2.

This was the game that defined how Lego games are supposed to be played. It had a vast catalogue of characters and a varied number of levels to play through, each with their own unique hidden secrets to discover meaning there was a lot of replay value to this classic. It merged the sci-fi action of Star Wars with the weird quirky humour of Lego to create a perfect blend of a kids game that anyone can enjoy.

A heated battle between rebels and stormtroopers.

The attention to detail in this game was something that I loved when I first played it, every tiny little thing in these vast areas was included. There were plenty of tiny nods to Star Wars cannon and this made the game a treat for fans of the series. The combat with the lightsabers was also pretty fine as it allowed for fluid movement and exciting combos. Blaster fighting was a bit less fun but still well made nonetheless.


The graphics were pretty good for the time that the game was released and they still hold up pretty well today. The fact that the entire Star Wars Saga was being told entirely in brick form still holds up as a fun aspect of the game, the serious tones of the film are retold in a way that is reminiscent of the silent film era except its with Lego. It feels like a Charlie Chaplin-esque version of the classic movies.

One of the excellent space battles in the game.

The multiplayer is fun but can sometimes get annoying, on a similar note though playing alone can get hard because many of the games puzzles were built for two players. The one true stand-out of the game is the starship battles which are astonishingly fun. Having space ships whizzing across the screen as  you re-enact iconic dogfights from across the saga is one of the most joyful moments in this amazing game.

Lego Star Wars 2 is on Xbox 360, PS2 and Windows and is well worth playing. It is one of the best Lego games ever made and if you enjoyed some of the more recent Lego titles then you need to play this if you have not done so yet. Until next time folks, keep it G33k.


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